Mens Socks Australia
Wear these fun socks with sneakers, loafers or formal shoes. Our socks are super comfortable, stretchable and breathable. One size fits all are perfect to swop, mix n’ match and will last through seasons of fun.

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  • mens underwear pack in blue

    Mens Underwear Pack in Blue

    $28.95 incl. Select options
  • mens underwear pack in black

    Mens Underwear Pack in Black

    $25.95 incl. Select options
  • blue socks

    Blue Socks | Trumpet Design

    $12.95 incl. Add to cart
  • Stay Classy Pinstripe Socks

    $9.95 incl. Add to cart
  • matching socks and undies

    Matching Socks And Undies ‘Milk The Cow’

    $39.95 incl. Select options
  • Urban Zoo Socks Zebra

    $9.95 incl. Add to cart
  • socks green

    Milk The Cow Socks Green

    $8.95 incl. Add to cart
  • urban zoo cotton trunks and socks pack

    Trunks And Socks Pack ‘Urban Zoo’

    $39.95 incl. Select options
  • Stay Classy Mens Socks Bowties

    Stay Classy Mens Socks Bowties

    $9.95 incl. Add to cart
  • underwear gifts

    Mens Underwear Gifts ‘Blow My Trumpet’

    $39.95 incl. Select options
  • pinstripe underwear

    Pinstripe Underwear ‘Stay Classy’

    $39.95 incl. Select options
  • Milk The Cow Socks Striped

    $9.95 incl. Add to cart