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SLY Collective is a quirky lifestyle brand born amidst a forward thinking youth culture on Australia’s eastern shores.

The SLY Story


SLY Collective is a quirky lifestyle brand born amidst a forward thinking youth culture on Australia’s eastern shores. In 2005, 22-year-old Dustin Slypen, was out having a beer with mates when he came up with an idea. Underwear with a built-in pocket for a guy’s ultimate night out.
Rooted in Dustin’s progressive take on underwear, Dustin and his Grandad worked on the beginnings of the SLY Collective streetwear label.

Enter Dan Murray, a 17 year-old with a flamboyant entrepreneurial flair. Selling from the back of his van, Dan headed straight for beaches and music festivals, where he rubbed shoulders with his target market. Dan’s appearance on The Morning Show and his exposure in Cleo’s Bachelor of the Year gained SLY Collective massive media attention. With committed investors, SLY Collective has grown into a dynamic label in the premium streetwear market.
The culture of SLY Collective remains authentic. Achieved by staying independent and developing an exclusive online experience.
Our goal is to present premium streetstyle products (without the hefty price tag!) which means we constantly bring young designers on board and partner with talented artists to bring the best street styles into our prints.
Our designs embody Australia’s best beach vibes, tattoo world and graffiti styles, and capture the essence of a powerful youth culture – providing a bold fusion of street cred in underwear; albeit a little quirky, a little edgy, but a lot of fun!

SLY Collective has engineered the perfect definition of comfort that transcends everyday underwear as a sentiment of luxury in higher end streetwear.
SLY Collective is changing the way you lounge.

Our gear blurs the line between underwear, loungewear and activewear.  We’ve redefined underwear to form-fitting stretch shorts that are adaptable and unique, all the best qualities you need everyday, all-day, whether you’re working out, watching telly or gaming.
We offer exceptional underwear of the highest standard. We test drive all our products ourselves. We hope you enjoy wearing our products as much as we do.
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Established 2005

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