Why pouch underwear wins the day

Considering that the only thing that stands between your sensitive family jewels and chafing in a pair of jeans is your underwear, it’s safe to say that underwear is a very important garment in your wardrobe.


Men’s underwear is not just for important for protection but also for comfort.


grey mens trunks


Underclothing has come a long way since the invention of the loin cloth, with loads of progressive styling and design tweaks. Most recently the pouch has (admittedly been in need of an update) undergone tremendous transformation.


Bamboo underwear for men.


Having said that you’ll be amazed at how the hammock pouch works. The hammock pod prioritizes comfort by nestling the boys deeply in unrestrictive comfort, with no skin-on-skin contact. The intuitive hammock design has built-in flexibility that adjusts to your body type.




pouch underwear


The ingenuity is in how the pouch separates the team from your legs.The hammock-like design keeps the squad suspended, free from movement caused by the rest of your body. So as your legs move, the hammock isn’t affected, because it is literally suspended between your legs.





The fact is that pouch underwear has come a long way in creating a spacious and supportive pod for superb comfort and support, means that living as a modern man is every bit as exciting as it should be. Of course, now the boys think they’re on vacay every day!


Finally sweaty balls and chafing is a thing of the past.