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If you thought underwear with a pocket is only a metaphorical man cave to store fruit and nuts, you’d be so wrong!
Undies featuring side pockets, hidden pockets and stash pockets have so many benefits, and so trend worthy.

Pocket underwear combines fashion with function.
So your clothing actually does something useful too.
Whether you’re partying the night away,
working out at gym,
lounging around watching footy,
or travelling the globe

Here’s a nifty, albeit very safe place to stash anything you don’t want others to have access to, such as:
cash & cards
cell phone
remote control
even condoms

Underwear with a pocket solve life’s little problems.
Keeping you in control and your important stuff close at hand.
For travellers these long leg boxer briefs are pickpocket proof, way better than any fanny pack.

You might consider this a trivial First World gizmo, until you try them.
Comfy cotton boxer briefs with all the benefits that keep you in control.

Maybe it’s time to up your game, upgrade your undies.

Underwear have pockets for good reason
The original underwear with a pocket was the brainchild of Dustin Slypen. He was having a beer with a friend in 2006, when he came up with the idea of mens pocket underwear for that ultimate night out! Fast forward a few years and now pocket underwear holds anything from iPhones to your passport. Keeping all your important items safe.

You deserve quality underwear.


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