Men having to continually readjust themselves is not a result of lack of support we found, rather a lack of ‘containment’. During your daily routine, you walk, run, sit and squat, amongst other things and this will dislodge the exact thing we aimed to keep in place. The biggest issue is that your package will lose containment and rest against your leg which is the primary reason for chafing, heat generation and ultimately, comfort.

Most underwear are simply flat across the front, but are you flat across the front? No. You’re a man. As you can see by this example, a flat panel simply squashes your bits, and presses them against your leg:

So how do we solve this issue of it rubbing against your leg? Through our research we found that creating a ‘cup’ around them was the perfect solution to support and contain them and not only hold them in place but stop you having to readjust yourself through the day.

So it’s more a case of you want to be ‘surrounded’ rather than supported, so we sculpted our perfected constructed 3D contoured pouch.

An intuitive hammock-shaped pouch that has a flexible drop-zone.

See how the 3D pouch forms a ‘valley’ like structure between the leg chamber and the pouch? Well this means you are completed surrounded removing any contact with the leg and holding you perfectly in place. Obviously everyone will fill the pouch to different levels, so how did we solve this problem to ensure that a perfect pouch is created?

What most companies do around the pouch is stitch it together using a standard 2 or 3 stitch thread.

We knew that every guy is a different size down there, so instead of using a standard stitch around the pouch, we placed a free-formed elasticised fabric, cut perfectly with the fabric grain, to the indide of the pouch area, meaning that the pouch not only stretches to each individual size, but once filled, the hammock support keeps them perfectly supported, creating the perfect pouch.

The moment you put on your first pair you will notice this hammock pouch.

If you’re a guy that doesn’t spend too much time thinking about your underwear, this go-to memo will give you the lowdown on what you need to know about pouch underwear, so you can get back to your footy, gaming, or whatever floats your boat.

Next time you open your underwear drawer – look at the pouch design on your fave pair. How does the pouch look?

If it’s pretty flat with maybe a dart at the bottom….. we need to talk. So, give us your attention for another few minutes.

The big question …..Is a man flat down there? No of course not.  So why is your underwear pouch flat? The fact is – your underwear is giving no support whatsoever. Your manhood is literally being hung out to dry. The flat shape pouch ignores those curves, that handful.  

With no support or shape don’t you wonder how you made it this far? Oh right, we forgot. In those dacks you’re constantly pulling, tugging and adjusting, just to keep your sanity.

Flat pouch be gone forever!

What if you have cool underwear with a shaped pouch? You know the type. The new fan dangled shape that’s supposed to support you all the way around.

Right. If this 3D shaped contour pouch is supposed to give you more room to breathe – where is it? Where is this spacious sac for your jewels? Hhmmm, you don’t want a noose around your manly bits. If the contour pouch doesn’t fit well, you and your team could be dangling down your leg all day, half strangled and teetering on the edge of a cliff.

Not to sound too dramatic but it is your family jewels that we’re talking about, so best to sit up and pay attention.

You want comfortable underwear. You want underwear that fits well and has enough room for the team, as well as sufficient support so that the berries aren’t dangling too low off the branch.

It’s super important to have a well-fitted pouch. That means a pouch that not only offers support but protection from chafing as well. Comfort is everything.

There are very few underwear brands out there that actually provide protection against chafing when it’s hot and sticky down there, and the boys are constantly jostling for position. Standard jocks offer no relief and soon your skin is rubbing against the side of your leg and before you know it, you have a painful case of that dreaded chafing. It can literally keep you out of action for days.

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