Jason M.

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OK, lets get this straight, not only are these boxers softer than a lambs ear that’s been bathed with Moroccan Oil Conditioner for its entire life, but these undies protect the package better than any pair of boxers I can buy in The States. Its like they were strategically stitched to cup your boys as if they were priceless, crown jewels being smuggled out out of England after the death of King Henry VIII. Not only do these majestic crotch rockets have POCKETS, but they perfectly sculpt the rump granted by the Glute Gods. I’ve never had so many compliments on how good my butt looked when wearing Hanes…. The only fruit you’ll get wearing those are blueballs. If I can afford to, I’d love to solely purchase my underwear from Australia from here on out. The Sly Collective can get it.

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