Jason M.

slycollective Leave a Comment

OK, lets get this straight, not only are these boxers softer than a lambs ear that’s been bathed with Moroccan Oil Conditioner for its entire life, but these undies protect the package better than any pair of boxers I can buy in The States. Its like they were strategically stitched to cup your boys as if they were priceless, crown …

Rob Logan


Great fit. You can feel the quality of these undies.

Stephen S.


Nice and comfy. Fit well and strong elastic waist band. I’m well and truly a SLY lover.

Jay Bethune


Awesome fit and very comfortable. Snug where they need to be and roomy where needed.

Paul Hubner


Comfort with support unparalleled by other brands.

Luke Gaytan


I love your collection. They’re my favourite to wear.

Alicia Simcock


I have 5 men wearing them. Lining up birthdays & Christmas. The youngest demands them now LOL.

Peter H.


Designs are amazing and the reason I thought to give them a go. Was worried about sizing especially in the seat, but it was spot on. Good fit. Not completely confident about the elastic in the leg but time will tell.

Paul Reece


Great customer service, super comfortable and do NOT ride up *at all* unlike 99% of other brands! highly recommended!

Nathan Jacobs


Have not bought any undies from anywhere else. Still rocking my SLY’s I bought years back. Best undies I have ever had.