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SLY Collective reveals new design in collaboration with graffiti artist ArtByDestroy

New SLY design on the way

SLY Collective is thrilled to partner with ArtByDestroy. Perth based, Destroy is an accomplished Australian artist whose work epitomizes the essence of a powerful youth culture. SLY Collective is delighted to incorporate his vibe into our range of prints. The collaboration kicks off with a piece completed in February 2016.


SLY went on to develop production drawings. Critical to the success of our range is to customizing each design by adapting the artwork to SLY criteria. The style, the scale of the print, the type of printing process and choice of fabric are all tremendously important when working with branded merchandise.


Success is through trial and error, and herewith lies the challenge. Clearly not up to standard the first sample lands up in FILE 13.



More trial, less error! Sampling merchandise is time-consuming and we expect our next sample in a week or two.

SLY has very successful graffiti print styles in the current range. Our STREET SMART print is straight off the wall !