Quick Dry Boxer Briefs ‘Keep Out’

$19.95 incl.

  • Quick drying fabric
  • Perfect under boardies
  • Featherlight fabric
  • Mid thigh length
  • Condom pocke
  • Chafe-free fit
  • Sturdy waistband
  • Tagless comfort
  • No ride-up or bunching
  • Fly man-front
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Quick dry ‘Keep Out’ boxer briefs tick all the boxes –

Our Keep Out Boxer Briefs are uber soft to touch, quick-drying, and generally awesome.

The fabric is so light . . . . . . feels like you having nothing on.

Don’t go commando when you can feel this good in SLY.

With advanced fabric finishes for a cool-touch feel, you won’t find a more comfortable pair of boxer briefs.



Quick Dry Boxer Briefs are  made from the perfect blend of Polyamide (85%) and Spandex (15%) and provides the combination of comfort and moisture wicking you’ve always wanted.

 Super stretchy, feel how they move with your body.

Remember wear SLY or nothing!

This cut of our undies sports a 6” inseam.



You’ll love our products or get your money back! Find out more.



How do you dry boxer briefs quickly?

If you like to travel light, quick dry underwear is by far your best option.

There are so many advantages to wearing quick dry boxer briefs –

(1) They are thin; taking up virtually no space.

(2) They weigh next to nothing; reducing your luggage weight

(3) You only need a couple of pairs because you can easily wash ‘n wear as you go.


If you wash your undies and need them dry in a few hours, follow these steps :

(1) Squeeze out excess water

(2) Lie them flat on the edge of a towel

(3) Roll them up into the towel as tightly as possible

(4) Place the rolled towel on the floor and press down repeatedly with each foot

(5) Use your hands to twist the rolled towel in opposite directions from both ends

(6) Hang the underwear in a well ventilated area


Depending on the weather (especially humidity), your underwear should dry fast, in a few hours. The high tech fabric speeds up drying, as much as 3-4 times faster than a pair of regular cotton underwear.

BONUS TIP: If you’re really short on time, a few blasts from the hairdryer should get them wearable in minutes.

Check out this video for easy instructions

How To Quick Dry Your Travel Underwear – YouTube

Comfy, stretchy underwear is essential for every traveller. There is nothing worse than suffering during a long flight with itchy tags, labels and bunching underwear creeping up you-know-where. These quick dry boxer briefs are the best choice for travel. Tried and tested for durability, comfort and long-lasting wearability, our underwear is second to none. All travel underwear should be stretchy and superbly comfy, with easy-fit sizing that is perfect for you to wear during long flights and travel periods. Plus with the quick dry fabric technology, drying time is quick and hassle free, giving you more time to enjoy. Our entire range of boxer briefs can be enjoyed as loungewear too. The versatility means you can comfortably lounge around in these bad boys all weekend. Check out our top tips for choosing travel underwear

Additional information

Weight 170 g
Dimensions 35 × 30 × 1 cm

Fit type

Boxer briefs regular fit

Washing Instructions

30deg washing machine temp. Do not iron. Do not tumble dry.

Guy Size Options

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