Pink Cotton Trunks ‘Blow My Trumpet’

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PinStep into our quirky underwear and let the fun begin!

Say no more! Get your message across loud and clear in these gorgeous musically inspired trunks.

Blow My Trumpet pink cotton trunks are perfect for guys who likes to show off their, uhm, instrument. If you’re a lover of music, get down to the beat in silky soft underwear for men.

Pink cotton trunks will get you singing your tune, your way. Never miss a beat in our premium range of affordable men’s underwear.

Blow My Trumpet pink cotton trunks are made from 95% premium silky cotton, making them breathable and feathery-light. For all day comfort. 

Whether you are going solo or just another groupie, feel top of the pops wearing SLY Collective underwear.

Now that’s something to toot your horn about!

Shop online for funny mens underwear. See our range of fun designs that make perfect gift ideas.

  • Soft non-rolling waistbands.
  • Mid-low rise.
  • Convenient man-front.
  • Natural, breathable cotton nestles the boys in moisture absorbing, ultra comfortable accomodation.
  • Convenient quirky pocket underwear keeps important items safe on your body. Anything from condoms to cash or credit cards.


95% Cotton 5% Elastane
[Long leg blue boxer briefs]


warm or cold wash
no bleach



 Buy PINK COTTON MENS underwear available in Australia and shipped to the rest of the world.

Why does underwear have pockets?

Did you know the quirky SLY pocket was the brainchild of Dustin Slypen when he was out having a beer with mates back in 2006?  He came up with the idea of mens pocket underwear for a guys ultimate night out! Fast forward a few years and now pocket underwear holds anything from iPhones to your passport. Keeping your important stuff safe.


SLY Collective boasts an impressive range of mens underwear online that takes underwear to the next level. Our range of mens trunks and boxer briefs are a step ahead of the pack.

Loyal customers have come to appreciate buying SLY Collective mens underwear online for our consistent and premium quality.

We make it easy and convenient for you to top up your undie drawer year after year.

So take the plunge and give these bad boys a run for their money.

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P.S. Going commando is not necessary when you feel this good in our pink cotton trunks.

Remember to wear SLY or nothing!


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