New York Infinity Scarf

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  • 152cm long
  • Silky Glamour
  • Lightweight
  • Digital print

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Our silkiest smooth New York Infinity Scarf.

The New York Infinity Scarf is the perfect accessory for going from day to night without changing your outfit. Look fabulous in a split second when you add this trendy scarf into the mix.

This versatile accessory is a sneaky wardrobe trick that instantly adds pizzaz to any outfit. 

Infinity scarves are easily a girl’s best accessory, and there are so many ways to wear them too (your neck is just one option!).

They obviously come in handy during chilly winter months but they can also be versatile enough to wear throughout the year, especially if you invest in a lightweight version. 

Our silky, lightweight New York City print has nights of fun written all over them.

Get yours and try out all the different ways to wear them…..pulled through, as a single loop, double loop, shawl, vest, hoodie.

Did I hear you say, ‘What is an infinity scarf?’

This type of scarf is a modern trend in traditional scarf-wearing that is in the form of a loop, typically worn around the neck. 

How long is an infinity scarf?
Usually about 152 cm long. Of course personal preference will dictate your choice of length.

Do you twist an infinity scarf?

Yes, you can. Twisting it before joining the ends gives a more flattering look around your neck . 

Have fun learning all the different ways to style your scarves. Add different fabrics to your collection to make your accessories collection even more versatile, and don’t forget to wear the New York Bikini underwear

Additional information

Weight 170.00 g
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 1 cm



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