Blue Trunks Pack – Sugarskull

$59.95 incl.

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Designed for everyday wear with superior stretch, and body-hugging comfort.

  •  Bulk buy value
  • Superior cotton comfort
  • Semi contour pouch
  • No scratchy labels
  • Regular fit
  • 95% cotton 5%elastane
  • Convenient manfront
  • Non-rolling waistband
  • Double layered pouch
  • Condom pocket


Blue Trunks Pack of 4 

There is nothing ordinary, and everything extraordinary about our blue trunks pack


First up, our 4-pack Sugarskull blue trunks are perfect if you’re after an economical buy but don’t want to lose out on quality.

With the SLY Collective 4 cotton trunks pack you get a supportive and body hugging fit plus confidence in buying a trusted Aussie brand.

The pack of 4 cotton trunks means you’ll have a constant fresh supply of comfy undies to feel your best in!


Why stick with cotton underwear?

On any given day there’s a build up of moisture on your body. Yup, your dangly bits too.

This moisture hangs around and most likely adds to the build up of bacteria that – you guessed it – causes odour.

Synthetic fabric traps moisture and heat, so as you go about your day, the squad becomes restless because there’s not enough ventilation.

This is when things go pear shaped. Bacteria are the only ones having fun. Copulating like crazy so when you finally whip your jocks off……..PHEWWW. Worse than an asses arse.

Cotton underwear is by far your best choice. Avoid the odour trap.  Cotton is more breathable and it also absorbs excess moisture leaving your squad dry and free from any bacteria that causes odour.

So when the climate is hot wear cotton. Let the boys breathe and you’ll notice right away how much happier they are.

If you have time, read up on why men should wear cotton underwear.



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