6 Reasons to Buy Pocket Underwear

If you’re like most people, pocket underwear is probably not something you’ve given much thought to, but this relatively new add-on can actually be extremely convenient – especially if you’re diabetic, exercise regularly, or travel often. Read to find out more.

The Purpose of Pocket Underwear?

Pocket underwear is a relatively new idea, although the concept of stuffing things in your underwear goes way back. Remember gran stuffing her crumpled little white tissue into the front of her bra? She always seemed to have tissues on hand!

The modern version of pocket underwear is essentially created for the same purpose……not tissue stuffing, hahaha, but to keep your valuables close to your body and out of sight. The pocket is designed to hold things like keys, money, credit cards, and other small items. Having a pocket in your underwear is perfect for those who want a little extra security.

Where is the Pocket in the Underwear?

One of the best things about pocket underwear is that it doesn’t look any different from regular underwear. No one will be able to tell that you’re wearing pocket underwear, or that you’re carrying anything extra.

There are a few different types of pocket underwear on the market. Some pockets are positioned in the front so that the pocket is actually on the pouch, some are on the hip, while others are inside the underwear. Some designs have two pockets, one on each side. The type of pocket underwear you choose will depend on your personal preferences and what you plan to use it for.

The front-positioned pocket is probably the best option if you are going to be carrying something like keys or a credit card. This position makes it easy to access your belongings without having to remove your underwear.

The pocket on the hip is a good option if you want to carry something like your phone. If you’re going for a run, doing exercise, or doing other physical activities, then the side-positioned pocket might be a better option. This type of pocket is less likely to bounce around and can hold smaller items like keys or cards. This position keeps your belongings close to your body and out of the way.

The pocket inside the underwear is a good option if you are carrying something that you don’t want anyone to know about. This position is the most discreet, it helps to keep your belongings hidden from view. The inside pocket can be very helpful if you are carrying something like medication or contraception.

What Can You Put in Your Pocket Underwear?

You can put whatever you want in your pocket underwear, as long as it fits.

  1. Some people like to use their pocket underwear to carry things like keys, credit cards, or cash. When you don’t want to lose your valuables, or you’re worried about pickpockets, pocket underwear is a great way to keep your valuables close to your body and out of sight.
  2. A smart alternative to keeping your phone, iPod, or other small electronic devices in your backpack, is to place them in the pocket of your underwear. There is no way a pick-pocketer will be able to access your devices, and you’ll be sure that your belongings are as safe as keeping them in nana’s bra!
  3. If you’re planning on doing any traveling, pocket underwear can be a lifesaver. It’s always a good idea to have your passport and some extra cash on hand when you travel, and pocket underwear is the perfect way to carry these items.
  4. For those who like to be prepared for anything, pocket underwear can even be used to carry a small can of pepper spray. If you’re worried about personal safety, pocket underwear can help give you some peace of mind.
  5. Some people even use their pocket underwear to carry things like medication. For those who suffer from conditions like severe allergies, asthma or diabetes, the convenience of having medication on hand makes pocket underwear a valuable addition to your wardrobe. Insulin pumps can be placed in your pocket underwear as well, making it easier to manage diabetes while keeping your pump in your pocket.
  6. Pocket underwear can be a great way to carry around contraception. Whether you’re planning on sex or not, it’s always good to be prepared. No one wants to be caught off guard without a condom.

It’s really up to you what you put in your pocket underwear, the only limit is what will fit in the pocket. As long as it fits and you’re comfortable carrying it around with you.