Men’s Travel Underwear with Pockets.
Underwear with pockets is next level! Perfect for travel. Pocket underwear stores items securely out of view. Cash, passports, tickets, ID and more.

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Ever been on a trip where at some point you realise that you've packed way too much? Your suitcase has so many clothes that don’t get worn, and worse still, they are put back into your wardrobe on return. I’ve been on countless holidays and this happens to me every time.
It’s time to pack smarter. I want better control of how to fill my travel bags. I want to improve the likelihood of clothing being used (maybe even more than once) so that I don’t feel hopeless every time I pack, so end up in a panick and throw almost everything I own in, ‘just in case’. Well, ‘just in case’ isn’t going to crack it any longer.

The deal with underwear is no different. Packing the right quantity and quality can make or break a great holiday. If the squad is happy, let the good times roll!

Buying underwear can be confusing when every brand is telling you what you need. Relax. We are going to give you the low down on what to wear down there when you throw yourself out there.


The bottom line is that there are a few imperatives to keep in mind when shopping for travel underwear.
Comfort is key. As important as position is in real estate. Without comfort, your underwear is just, meh.
Using less packing space is critical to any traveller. It cannot be underestimated. Every square cm. So whatever underwear is on your list, it has to pass the 'do I really need this?' test.
Another way to save on space is to pack lightweight underwear.  Your underwear will score bonus points if it is made from modal or polyester, for example. Fabrics that are sheer and lightweight are a great choice for travelling.
While you may get away with wearing outer garments a few times, underwear doesn't do well worn multiple times. In fact you'll probably find yourself sitting around at airports, walking around a lot….all contributing to smelly jocks. How many do you pack? How often will you wash? Access to washing facilities may determine how many pairs of underwear you decide to pack. For back packers, it's about how often you can get to a coin-operated laundromat. If you're going to be a guest in a hotel, the wash hand basin will do nicely.