Mens Trunk Underwear

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  • toucan mens cotton trunks

    Toucan Mens Cotton Trunks

    $19.95 incl. Select options
  • black tie dye trunks

    Black Tie Dye Trunks

    $22.95 incl. Select options
  • Beretta Black cotton trunks

    Beretta Black Cotton Trunks

    $19.95 incl. Select options
  • distressed black denim trunks

    Distressed Black Denim Trunks

    $22.95 incl. Select options
  • camouflage trunks

    Mens Camouflage Trunks Stealth Mode

    $19.95 incl. Select options
  • best trunks

    Best Trunks – City Slick

    $19.95 incl. Select options
  • black trunks

    Cage Fight Black Trunks

    $19.95 incl. Select options
  • blue trunks

    Boho Soul Blue Trunks

    $19.95 incl. Select options
  • grey cotton trunks

    Grey Cotton Trunks

    $17.95 incl. Select options
  • pinstripe cotton trunks

    Pinstripe Cotton Trunks ‘Stay Classy’

    $19.95 incl. Select options
  • colourful mens trunks

    Mens Hyper Plaid Underwear

    $19.95 incl. Select options
  • Mens red cotton trunks

    Mens Red Cotton Trunks ‘Urban Zoo’

    $19.95 incl. Select options


The superb form-fitting mens trunk underwear will keep the squad comfy all through the day, and way into the night.

This versatile men’s underwear style is essentially the boxer brief’s sexier little brother. Basically, if you combined your favorite briefs with your favorite boxer briefs, you’d get these bad boys.

There’s a really good chance that you have a pair of trunks in your drawer, or maybe you’re wearing them right now.

Our mens trunk underwear are designed ergonomically, patterned and cut to respect a man's anatomy that naturally show off your best features.

Trunks offer a close, supportive fit, but it’s the length of the leg that sets these babies apart. They’re shorter-legged than boxer briefs but not as short as briefs, so if you’ve got some thighs, trunks are how you show them off. (Boxers are too loose-fitting to show off much of anything.) Oh, and on shorter guys, trunks make the legs look longer.

Trunks also don’t bunch like boxers, nor do they hold body heat like boxer briefs do, so you can kiss that swampy feeling goodbye. One of the best things about trunks is that you’re less likely to have them peeking out below the hem of your shorts. Who are we kidding? There’s really nothing not to love about men’s trunks!

SLY Collective’s mens trunk underwear feature our famous comfort waistband, breathable cotton, no inner seams, and a form-fitting pouch in pretty awesome designs you won’t find elsewhere else.