• red trunks

    Mens Red Cotton Trunks ‘Urban Zoo’

    Designed in Australia, Urban Zoo trunks are created for guys who have a wild side. For the King of the Urban Jungle! These trunks are 95% cotton and 5% Elastane with a non-rolling, high density waistband that are superbly comfortable and seriously fun to wear. Team up with socks to match and you are ready to be untamed !
  • SLY Collective TrunksSLY Collective Trunks

    Rose Tattoo Cotton Trunks [SMALL]

  • Pink and Blue Cotton Trunks ‘Blow My Trumpet’

  • mens camo trunks

    Camo Trunks

  • gun design trunks

    Gun Design Trunks ‘Desert Eagle’

  • solid red cotton trunks

    Solid Red Cotton Trunks

  • Mens Cotton Trunks ‘Tucan’

  • Not Just A Pretty Face Mens Trunks

  • SLY Collective Trunks

    Grey Boxers

    This classic style is always in style. Available in packs too.  
  • SLY Collective TrunksSLY Collective Trunks

    PIN UPS – small