Mens Boxer Briefs That Don’t Ride Up

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Looking to Buy Men’s Boxer Briefs That Don't Ride Up?

Need tips on avoiding undie-creep? Underwear that rides up your legs and bunches into you-know-where is a proverbial pain in the arse. For goodness sake, we've sent men to the moon, but we can't stop our jocks from creeping up our butt. If you've asked yourself, “How do I keep my underwear from riding up?”
It's time to get help.

When do boxer briefs ride up?

Er…..every time you move. It’s no joke. With movement the fabric around your legs gets restless, jockeying for a better position. The result is uncomfortable ride-ups and worse, chafing. Once your underwear has migrated north, you’re constantly re-adjusting your crotch and pulling at your pants; not exactly a charming look with the ladies. You've been there. You always end up having to pluck, shift, and pull your jocks out of the dark crook they crept into. The reality is that bunched underwear is so uncomfortable and can be downright embarrassing in public.


If you have legs you can't escape chafing. Once your underwear has slid upwards and found a place to hide, chafing – caused by skin friction, may soon follow. If the skin is damp, the more likely chafing will occur. The worse your chafing gets, the sooner you will be looking for anti-chafe cream to soothe the burn. What you should be looking for is a better pair of boxer briefs that prevent chafing and help solve your problem.

Why do we wear boxer briefs?

How did we get here? Why do we even wear boxer briefs? Ever since we moved on from the loin cloth, men have been searching for the most comfortable men’s underwear. Tighty-whities never quite hit it off. Not sure which was worse, the site of Grandpa in his Y-fronts, or how bad the boys felt the pinch in too tighty-whities. Somewhere along the line, we also want to look good. GQ did a survey to find out why women think boxer briefs are better than boxers and our favourite reason is because “Boxer briefs are the Goldilocks of men's underwear. Not too tight, not too loose. Just right.” Boxer briefs and are one of the most popular men’s underwear styles, more so than ever before thanks to iconic ads like Calvin Klein.

Men's Boxer Briefs: Why Do Boxer Briefs Bunch and Ride Up?

The science of it is simple. The legs of your boxer briefs slide up the same way that your socks slide down. The curve of your thigh simply cannot keep the fabric in place. With every move you make the material around your thighs shifts to the place of least resistance. The fabric won’t stay stretched smoothly over your mid-thigh when it can slide up to the narrow end, right into the crease of your torso. The excess fabric of boxer briefs also exasperates the problem. With more material in place, there’s a mass bunching event happening in your groin. Uninvited.



“Boxer briefs are like the Goldilocks of men's underwear. Not too tight, not too loose. Just right.” [1]