2XL, 3XL and 4XL

Underwear that hums at full throttle.

Need underwear with solid construction?

Double reinforced seams
Flat-lock stitching
Structured pouches

“Our Comfort Guarantee Policy”
– Or Your Money Back.


2XL to fit waist 115 – 120cm
3XL to fit waist 125 – 130cm
4XL to fit waist 135 – 140cm


“Brilliantly comfortable. Daily wear. Exercise. Lounging with Netflix or a book. The boys are supported yet free to move. Genuinely the best of both worlds. Discovering Sly’s a few years ago was an eye opener. The others out there just don’t measure up for softness, comfort, function and style. With the new XXXL size, the now fluffy sized me is still in the game. Not to mention, the other-half loves the funky designs. Oh! Forgot to mention the pocket. WTH? A pocket?! Yes! A freakin’ pocket to put your phone in, if you’re just cruisin’ the house in your Sly’s. Genius.”

FAQ : What is the value of longer leg length in plus size mens underwear?
Boxer briefs are not only for larger guys.
Most people experience their thighs rubbing together. It’s just the way our bodies are shaped.
Wearing underwear that covers the inner thigh area avoids skin-on-skin contact, preventing chafing.
Underwear with a slightly longer leg length offers the best solution.
If the hemline is mid-thigh or lower, there is less chance of chafing. Furthermore, a longer leg length also prevents underwear from sliding upwards and bunching up.
It’s good to know the type of underwear you choose can avoid the embarrassment and discomfort of painful chafing.
Be sure to get long leg boxer briefs.

Guide To Plus-Size Underwear For Men

Underwear is never easy to shop for, especially plus-size underwear. You can’t exactly try them on before you buy, and you don’t necessarily know if they’re comfy until about 8 hours into wearing the same pair. It’s understandable that when you do find a brand that fits, albeit mediocre, you stick to them like glue.
When jocks are uncomfortable, bunching up, or giving you the oh-so lovely wedgie, it’s distracting and irritating. And when you do decide you don’t like the fit of the underwear, you can’t return it because underwear is final sale.
This one seemingly simple garment is shockingly difficult to get right and can make you feel so comfortable that you never think about it, or so uncomfortable that you can’t think about anything else.


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