“Breezy ball freedom”.

We know that feeling.

Whipping off your pouch underwear is as every bit invigorating as a bungee jump over an icy gorge.
For some guys, free-balling is a way of life.

Surveys show that between 5% and 7% of men don’t wear underwear. At all!

They just might be onto something.

Going commando feels good.

In fact, there are no medical reasons why we shouldn’t!

Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt confirms that, “going without boxers or briefs doesn’t affect your health in any way.”
There are benefits, including increased air circulation around your genitalia, lower risk for infections, and even positive effects on sperm production!

So you’ve decided to ditch the pouch underwear and dare to go bare?

Whoa cowboy…….before you burn your briefs, make sure you read these


1. Over exposure

Going commando might be a fashion trend du jour, so you may be tempted to bare all as you lounge around your pool on a hot summer day, but beware, the sun’s ultraviolet rays can be brutal on those sensitive areas of your body.


sun burn

2. Don’t Rule Out Jock Itch

Jock itch is uncomfortable and embarrassing. The itchy, red rash on your genitals is a friggin’ nightmare to deal with.

Fungus that causes jock itch loves warm, humid environments. When you’re not wearing pouch underwear to absorb moisture, and your balls are sweating, you’ve got the perfect conditions for bacterial growth.

Try keeping the family jewels sparkly clean. This will deter bacterial growth. If it gets too annoying use an antifungal cream as well.

No jock itch with pouch underwear

3. Alexa, do the laundry.

You might think that going commando is a great way to lighten your laundry load.

What could be more enviable than cutting down on laundry duty?

laundry meme

Actually, all that exposed skin coming into contact with your clothes, makes it more difficult to keep your clothes fresher for longer. It stands to reason that fabric touching your skin will get smellier faster because our genitals are covered with bacteria!

So, if you think going commando will cut down on laundry duty, you may not be thrilled to learn that you’ll probably have to change clothes more often!

4. Working up a sweat?

If you’re not wearing pouch underwear during your gym work out, the build-up of moisture will accumulate in your crotch, all drippy and smelly, and before you know it there’s an unsightly wet patch on your khakis. You could end up looking like you’ve wet yourself.

For goodness sake, at least stick to black at the gym, and give your package a dash of baby powder. It will help absorb moisture.

sweating during workout

5. Steer clear of skinny jeans.

Skinny jeans, especially those made from thick denim fabrics, can leave their mark. If your outfit is new, the dyes used on denim fabric may lead to some temporary skin stains.

Not the fun tattoo type. You may want to avoid your gym change rooms until you look fully human again. Also, chafing is a problem when your skinny jeans get up real close to your skin, with very little room between you and the fabric.

“Repeated rubbing causes irritation to the area where clothing rubs,” Mona Gohara (Yale University’s Dermatology Clinic). 

The harsh reality is that wearing skinny jeans is a sure-fire way to encourage chafing if you’re not wearing underwear.

wear comfortable pouch underwear

If this is not enough to raise warning flags, skinny jeans have also been linked to cases of twisted testicles, bladder weakness, urinary tract infections, low sperm counts, and fungal irritations.

I have seen several cases of men who have twisted their testicles due to wearing jeans that are far too tight,” high-profile British GP Hilary Jones told the Telegraph.

Shew, what kind of fashion statement is worth this discomfort?

6. Avoid fitting rooms.

As obvious as this sounds, don’t go clothes hunting if you’re in commando-mode.

Your crotch area is a literal night club for bacteria, including the kind that can trigger diarrhoea. When trying on store clothes some of your bacteria will undoubtedly transfer onto the fabric – transmitting your own germs to other pieces in the store.

It’s just a no-no. You also expose yourself to receiving new germs too – no underwear, no protection. It’s not worth taking the risk.

man in fitting room

Where does that leave you hanging?

Now that you know what could hinder your free-balling way of life, you can decide if the risks are enough of a deterrent. 

On second thoughts, snuggling the squad in the softest contoured comfort pouch underwear isn’t such a bad idea after all. Just imagine the boys snuggling into supreme bliss, as they’re protected and softly blanketed with underwear love. 

pouch underwear

A bit much, yes, but wearing comfortable pouch underwear suddenly sounds like a sensible and sanitary idea. Nestled. Protected. Comfy. Snug. 

If your underwear is not offering up these feelings for you on a daily basis, you seriously need to ask yourself what you can do to get into your comfort zone.

Finding great-fitting pouch underwear is essential to your overall feeling of well-being.

There are pouch underwear solutions for almost any problem.

Before you go commando find a solution that fits your needs. It’s time for you to feel great and look awesome………with your underpants on!

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