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Your ticket is booked.

There’s so much to do, the least of which is how to choose travel underwear for your trip.
If the job of regular underwear is to keep you comfortable, dry and supported throughout your day, why cough up for travel underwear?
Why can’t we just use our regular jocks?
The men’s underwear industry has come a long way since the loin cloth.
There is much more to choose from than just good ol’ tighty whities.
In the name of progress we are now presented with a multitude of men’s underwear styles tailored specifically for purposeful wearing.
Whatever you plan to do, there will be underwear fit for purpose. For example, underwear best suited for gym workouts, hiking, travelling, swimming and so on.


If you buy travel underwear for your trip, it should work harder and make your life easier, so you have a great trip.
The first criteria is keeping you dry and comfortable for extended periods of time. If your trip begins with long flights, and a lot of waiting around at the airport, you’ll need underwear that doesn’t hold moisture and feel soggy. You may be walking around all day. A good pair of travel underwear will prevent chafing. Chances are you’ll need to keep important documents in a safe place. Travel underwear offers a nifty solution.
But before you go ahead and buy travel underwear, you probably want to read a few reviews. The most expensive pair is not necessarily right for you. Read on and get to grips with what you should be looking for in travel underwear.
Hopefully you’ll be armed with enough information to make the best decision for yourself. You’re unique and so are your needs. Prioritise what is relevant to you as you start your search for appropriate travel underwear.
With insight on how to choose travel underwear, it’s unlikely you’ll be caught with your pants down!

How To Choose Travel Underwear – THE 9 SMART FEATURES YOU’RE LOOKING FOR.

1. Choose underwear that’s QUICK DRYING
Keep in mind how often you will be washing your underwear on your trip. The most outstanding quality of travel underwear is the fast-drying capability, which is within a matter of hours. While we love wearing cotton, it takes long to dry. Especially if you find yourself washing your underwear in your hotel room basin.

2. Choose underwear that’s SPACE SAVING
We all try and pack smartly. Travel underwear are made of thinner material than traditional cotton underwear and will take up less space in your bag. A great way to save space in your luggage.

3. Choose underwear with a HIDDEN POCKET
Where’s the best place to keep a backup credit card or cash? Your underwear is one place where it will be completed concealed. Think of it as a secret man-purse that may come in very handy for items such as:

Travel tickets
Credit cards
Unless you’re going commando –

4. Choose underwear that’s BREATHABLE
Sweaty balls. Enough said. Good quality travel underwear will effectively control the build up of sweat in the nether regions. The fabric is made up of hydrophyllic fibres which push moisture through to the surface of the fabric where it evaporates.  Making it breathable and less restrictive.

5. Choose underwear that helps ODOUR CONTROL
Travellers are on the move, and spend time in the same clothing. The combination of sweat and body heat will end up in a stinky situation. Breathable underwear eliminates moisture and help reduce body odour.

6. Choose underwear that’s BIG ON COMFORT
 While cotton underwear is a natural preference, it may be too thick under many layers of clothing. Spending extended periods of time in cotton might also result in soggy, bunched up underwear. Travel underwear is made of lightweight fabric and the longer leg is designed to prevent bunching while you’re taking in the sites.

7. Choose underwear that’s LIGHTWEIGHT
Soft, lightweight underclothing is a pleasure to wear. Moreover, the fabric is so lightweight that it takes up considerably less space in your luggage.

8. Choose underwear that’s FLEXIBLE
Who would have thought that boxer briefs can also double up as a makeshift bathing suit if you’re in need of one.

9. Choose underwear that’s
Travel underwear should be designed for greater endurance than normal underwear. Make sure the seams have double stitching and the overall quality is top notch.
There’s no wrong or right. How to choose travel underwear depends on what’s important to you.

Here’s what people think about travel underwear with pockets………

“LESS TO WORRY ABOUT” – Damion Wortley
“This is a well thought out idea that provides peace of mind. It is less bulky and more comfortable than a money belt.”

SAFETY FIRST   keep your stuff on you 24/7
TOTAL CONVENIENCE  no digging in your backpack
TRAVEL LIGHT  hands free
Now that you know how to choose travel underwear for men, don’t forget about the ladies. For more reading, you can catch up on best women’s underwear for travel
Reality check. You only need 1 pair per 4 days:
+ day 1 on frontwards
+ day2 on backwards
+ day 3 inside out and frontwards
+ day 4 inside out and backwards
Throw away and repeat.

TRAVEL IN Comfort.

POCKET UNDERWEARImageImage[/cs_content_seo]

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