May 2018


If you find yourself chafing, you know it can be terribly painful. Once your skin develops a sore red rash, it takes a while to heal. Save yourself the pain and discomfort and try long leg boxer briefs. So comfy, you’ll find yourself wearing them around the house. Long leg boxer briefs are more concealing.


DID YOU EVER THINK UNDERWEAR COULD SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE? If you thought undies are only a metaphorical man cave to store fruit and nuts, you’d be so wrong! Undies featuring side pockets, hidden pockets and stash pockets have so many benefits, and so trend worthy. It’s about combining fashion with function. So your clothing actually does something useful too. Whether you’re partying the night away, working out at gym, lounging around watching footy, or travelling the globe. Here’s a nifty, albeit very safe place to stash anything you [...]


SLY STREET ART COLLABORATIONS We team up with Aussie talent and deliver designs that are off the charts. For so long SLY has been producing designs inspired by Aussie graffiti and tattoo lifestyles. Our love for all things Aussie motivated us to move into the realm of supporting Australian art. We’ve teamed up with awesome local talent to showcase beautiful street art and more. Joe is a self-taught, Perth-based street artist. Hailing from Western Australia, multi-disciplinary artist ‘Destroy’ has acquired over 25 years experience in the [...]