March 2019

5 Things to look for when buying mens underwear

Dive into this quick read and find out what's important to know when you're buying new jocks. Whether you're at work, on the couch, or at the gym, there's nothing more frustrating than poorly fitting underwear, or for that matter, poor quality underwear. Check out these 5 pointers that will help you make the best choice.   Most underwear brands are now using heat transfer labels instead of tags. For good reason. There is nothing more irritating than labels scratching your skin. [...]

February 2019


WEAR UNDERWEAR WITH POCKETS. A smart move to keep your important stuff safe. Really Safe. Safer than in Nana's Bra. As a traveller, keeping documents in your backpack is not a good idea. So we've introduced the best travel underwear with a HIDDEN POCKET. FOR EARPHONES. FOR CASH. FOR PASSPORTS. FOR PHONES. That's right. Passports, travel tickets, credit cards, cash. Even an iPhoneX fits perfectly. So, unless you're going commando - This is the best travel underwear for all your adventures. GOOD PRICE. GREAT QUALITY. PRICED UNDER $20! CLICK TO PRODUCT PAGE.

October 2018


YOU GUESSED IT. TRAVEL UNDERWEAR WITH POCKETS. WHY DO YOU NEED TRAVEL UNDERWEAR? If you're planning an overseas trip you need to know that your important stuff is kept safe. Really safe. Safer than in Nanna's bra. Most importantly your passport. And tickets. And cash. And music. Keeping documents in your back pack is just not safe enough. Maybe you forget it somewhere. Or a wild yak runs off with it? You need to keep these items on you 24/7. Unless you're going commando, get the [...]

August 2018

Fathers Day Gifts

Mens underwear is a great idea for Fathers Day gifts. This year give Dad undies he'll actually love, and so will the family. If Dad watches footy in his undies, get him out of those Y-fronts and into a pair of SLY jocks. SLY undies have bold and colourful designs that are totally unique. Vibrant designs inspired by the artwork of Australian tattoo and graffiti cultures, making them remarkable underwear gifts that will exceed his expectation. Plus SLY Collective [...]

July 2018


MENS POCKET UNDERWEAR . WHAT IS SLY COLLECTIVE'S  NEW GENERATION UNDERWEAR ? mens pocket underwear is new underwear styles in fashion  We've been working on design developments that take men's underwear to the next level. Look at these new design features...... [1]    More comfort, [2]       More convenience, and [3]     More enjoyment.   HOW DID WE DO THIS? Hold onto your breeches, SLY Collective men's underwear is way ahead of the pack. We've added amazing design innovations that are sure to impress you. arketit's underwear with [...]

May 2018


Graffiti underwear styles  Graffiti may be illegal, but it's precisely this risky business that gives it its counter-cultural edge. Even so, graffiti allows freedom of speech and representations of individual creativity. . . We're inspired by those who make a stand and leave their mark. Explore our growing selection of collaborations with graffiti artists in our inspirational graffiti underwear designs. Select optionsQuick View Graffiti Cotton Trunks $14.21 incl. or 4 payments of $3.55 with Afterpay Select optionsQuick View Select optionsQuick View Graffiti Design Mens Trunks 2-Pack $23.47 incl. or 4 payments of $5.87 with Afterpay Select [...]


.Explore our selection of tattoo-inspired boxer brief designs.. To match your mojo. .Grenade and skull illustration, with an explosive title....... . Collaborating with Glen Smith delivered an exceptional tattoo design. Select optionsQuick View Grenade Design Boxer Briefs – Self Destruct $12.78 incl. or 4 payments of $3.20 with Afterpay Select optionsQuick View STEP INTO YOUR UNIQUE VERSION OF YOU EVERY MORNING. Grenade Design Boxer Briefs - SELF DESTRUCT is an explosive design. Pure comfort and legendary artwork by Australian artist Glen Smith makes these long leg boxers a must have for your [...]


Undergarment CREEP getting you down? Get the right advice against that dreaded bunching with our comprehensive guide! From anti-wedgie designs to non-slide tape. We've got some SMART IDEAS for you. STOP UNDERWEAR CREEP How come you always end up having to pluck, shift, and pull your jocks out of the uncomfortable nook they crept into while you weren’t looking? Don’t play games - you know exactly the place we mean. Don’t worry, though - we’ve all been there. You’re basically a hero for making it [...]


COLLABORATING WITH THE BEST IN AUSSIE STREET ART We team up with home-grown Aussie talent and deliver styles that are off the charts! We get to SHOWCASE JOE's blazing talent Hours and hours go into completing mind blowing graffiti. Some say it's a CRIME, some say art, But graffiti has a limited shelf life, and ArtByDestroy is a living legend. Our vision was to capture his So to TICKLE graffiti fans We get busy with these bad boys Thanks to this guy behind the mask Joe Boin is a self-taught [...]


STOP UNDERWEAR CREEP How come you always end up having to pluck, shift, and pull your jocks out of the uncomfortable nook they creep into? Don’t play games - you know exactly the place we mean. SEE MORE It’s time to target your COMFORT ZONE. Fidgeting and tugging all day is not cool. SEE MORE Less BUNCHY! More COMFY! SEE MORE Try LONG-LEG Boxer Briefs......... with extra length in the legs, undie-creep comes to a swift halt. Boxer briefs are perfect weekend loungewear. Long leg boxers are the best choice because they are [...]