December 2019

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: How to Buy the Best Men’s Underwear for Your Body Type

Expert stylists recommend that you should own at least 20 pairs of underwear. That's around three weeks' worth of underwear. Do you know if you own enough underwear? If you're looking to add to your underwear drawer, or just get some new threads, it's important to make sure that you get the underwear that best fits your body type.  Continue reading and we'll help you discover the best men's underwear for your body type. Boxers Boxers are a classic type of men's underwear. They're typically made...

November 2019

8 Reasons Why Underwear with Pockets is a Man’s Best Friend

You may think that underwear has only two important jobs: covering your butt and keeping your equipment nice and safe. No doubt a good pair of underwear should do these things, but a really great pair of underwear can do all that and more.  Underwear with pockets is the next level of comfort and utility. Having a useful, hidden pocket is a huge benefit in all kinds of situations. It's a great place to stash things you want to keep safe.  After reading this, you won't know how you've...

Best Travel Underwear

Best Travel Underwear for Men       We bet that finding the best travel underwear is the last thing you think of when planning your travel adventure.       Agree? Well, like it or not, the clothing you wear on your trip has an enormous effect on the quality of your experience.   Read on to find out why the best travel underwear can make or break your adventure experience.....   Why underwear? Since it's the one garment that directly touches your skin in the most sensitive places, it's...

October 2019

Underwear With a Pocket

DID YOU EVER THINK UNDERWEAR WITH A POCKET COULD SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE? If you thought underwear with a pocket is only a metaphorical man cave to store fruit and nuts, you'd be so wrong! Undies featuring side pockets, hidden pockets and stash pockets have so many benefits, and so trend worthy. Pocket underwear combines fashion with function.  So your clothing actually does something useful too. Whether you're partying the night away, working out at gym, lounging around watching footy, or travelling the globe. Here's a nifty, albeit very...

July 2019

Boxers That Don’t Ride Up

If you’re looking for boxers that don’t ride up, we have a solution that may work for you. As much as guys love wearing boxer briefs, underwear that rides up is seriously annoying. Especially mid-squat. Then you end up having to pluck, shift, and pull your jocks out of the uncomfortable nook they crept into. Not cool. That is why you need to buy boxers that don't ride up. Listen, you’re nurturing your most sacred God-given instrument, so sit up and...

March 2019

5 Things to look for when buying mens underwear

Dive into this quick read and find out what's important to know when you're buying mens underwear. Whether you're at work, on the couch, or at the gym, there's nothing more frustrating than poorly fitting underwear, or for that matter, poor quality underwear. Check out these 5 pointers that will help you make the best choice.   Most underwear brands are now using heat transfer labels instead of tags. For good reason. There is nothing more irritating than labels scratching your skin....

February 2019

How To Choose Travel Underwear For Men

Your ticket is booked. There's so much to do, the least of which is how to choose travel underwear for your trip. Is travel underwear even a thing? If the job of regular underwear is to keep you comfortable, dry and supported throughout your day, why cough up for travel underwear? Why can’t we just use our regular jocks? The men’s underwear industry has come a long way since the loin cloth. There is much more to choose from than just good ol’...

August 2018

Gifts For Men

If you are looking for gifts for men? This time give them a gift they'll love. SLY underwear have bold and colourful designs that are totally unique, making them awesome gifts for men that are special in your life. Exceed their expectations with a pair of SLY Collective trunks or boxer briefs. Superbly comfortable cotton underwear take comfort to the next level, making them the best gifts for men.

July 2018

Pocket Underwear

Men's pocket underwear is a whole new ballgame. Underwear with pockets is the next level of comfort and utility. Having a useful, hidden pocket is a huge benefit in all kinds of situations. Now you can keep your man stuff on hand 24/7. YOU GUESSED IT. POCKET UNDERWEAR KEEP THINGS UNDER WRAPS. Keeping your stuff safer than in Nanna's bra. Think of it as a man-purse for : PASSPORTS & TRAVEL DOCUMENTS Keeping important documents in your pocket underwear. The new range of SLY Collective...

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