Best Travel underwear for Men

Is  finding the best travel underwear the last thing you think of when planning your travel adventure?

Agree? Well, like it or not, the clothing you wear on your trip has an enormous effect on the quality of your experience.

Read on to find out why the best travel underwear can make or break your adventure experience…..

Why underwear? Since it’s the one garment that directly touches your skin in the most sensitive places, it’s important to find the best travel underwear before you set off on your adventures.

Great underwear should deliver on comfort and convenience.

Being too hot in a polyester jacket, or constantly readjusting tight clothing shows how incorrect garment choice or poor quality fabric can leave you irritated in more ways than one.

Make sure the underwear you choose is unparalleled in comfort and convenience.

[1] The Best Travel Underwear Equals Comfort

Maximum comfort during a trip doesn’t just improve a traveler’s mindset. It ensures their health as well.

While traveling, for instance, you may have to endure sitting or standing in one place for long periods of time. Without taking necessary precautions, traveler’s are at a higher risk for developing serious circulatory issues. At a minimum, they may suffer from skin issues such as rashes, chafing, and even peeling.

The right kind of clothing can minimise physical health risks. For an awesome travel experience, make sure your travel underwear meets your health requirements.


Choose Underwear that Prevents Chafing.

Chafing is the painful result of skin friction. When your skin rubs against more skin for long enough, layers of epidermis rub off. As your skin chafes, it exposes a raw-looking, painful rash that eventually blisters.

The proactive way to avoid chafing is to wear underwear that is longer than regular trunks. The term boxer briefs is a combination of boxers and briefs, and usually have an inseam of at least 6″. Some boxer briefs feature a gentle elasticised hem which prevents the fabric from riding up your thighs as you walk.

Anti-chafing undergarments are especially useful if your traveling involves a lot of movement. If you’re prone to sweating with lots of physical activity, this type of underwear is perfect for you as well.

Avoid The Moisture Trap

Whether you’re on a road trip or in the midst of an active sports adventure, the last thing you want to deal with is soggy undergarments. Unfortunately, regular cotton underwear absorbs sweat and moisture. If you swim in your cotton underwear, it will become heavy and take a long time to dry. Gizmodo claims that cotton garments can hold up to 27 times their weight in water. This is why quick dry underwear is popular to wear under swimwear.

Wearing moisture-wicking underwear keeps sweat from collecting on your underwear and unpleasantly rubbing against your skin. As soon as moisture appears in those warm, sweaty zones of your body, it becomes a hot spot for bacteria. Enough about sweat, but safe to say this is a very good reason to invest in quality travel undergarments that wick away moisture to the exterior, to evaporate quickly .

You Need Breathable & Quick-dry Properties

What’s the deal with quick dry underwear? How does travel underwear dry so fast? The answer is breathable fabric, it has technical qualities that give it sufficient porosity to allow air to circulate through to your skin, and importantly, to facilitate the movement of moisture particles through to the outside, to evaporate.

No Nasty Odours

Investing in underwear that is moisture-wicking and breathable eliminates another nasty component you would otherwise have to deal with: Body odour.

You don’t want to subject anyone to your body odour as you camp out for hours at the airport, or sit down to a meal after a long hike. Traveler’s move around a lot, and spend prolonged amounts of time in the same clothing. The combination of sweat and body heat is a virtual nightclub for bacteria, resulting in a strong body odour. This is especially true when traveling.

[2] The Best Travel Underwear Equals Convenience

Knowing that your underwear ticks all the comfort boxes is satisfying. It’s a bonus when you realise that there are a couple of nifty features to make your life easier. Adding a whole new level of convenience.

The Best Travel Underwear Should Have Pockets

It’s unfortunate but real world stats show that an ever increasing number of traveler’s are victims of crime. Having said this, it should never deter you from embarking on the trip of a lifetime. Instead become travel-savvy and understand what to do to avoid these awful situations.

Pick-pocketing, muggings, and RFID theft are all on the rise. Keeping documents in your back pack is just not safe enough. Stay a step ahead and use underwear with discreet, hidden pockets. This way you know your stuff is safe. Really safe. Safer than in nana’s bra!

Storing your valuables in a safe place such as your underwear makes them a lot harder to steal. When skilled thieves target traveler’s, jean pockets are what they attempt to access first. Beat the odds of this happening to you. Some of the best men’s travel underwear have pockets to store important items, like your ID, passport, tickets or credit cards, so they stay on you at all times. Unless you’re streaking. Travel underwear with pockets are invaluable to the traveler to keep the most important items safe.

This is a well thought out idea that provides peace of mind. It is less bulky and more comfortable than a money belt.

Beach Ready

Unless you’re skinny dipping, or going commando, a pair of quick dry boxer briefs may come in handy for an impromptu swim. Your underwear can literally double up as swimwear. With awesome graphic designs that show some attitude, you’re ready for fun, in and out of the water.

It’s a Whole New Ballgame

No trip is ever the same, but investing in travel underwear will be your smartest move. They may even save you the frustration and embarrassment of losing your valuable items on holiday. When you need them, you’ll be so glad you bought them. Bon voyage!


You’ll soon realise that all this added convenience makes travel underwear versatile enough for everyday wear, not just for travelling. The best travel underwear is also perfect for gym, happy hour, first (and last) dates, long days at the office, camping trips, road trips, train travel, time travel or wherever the feeling takes you!


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