8 Reasons Why Underwear With A Pocket Is A Man’s Best Friend

You may think that men’s underwear has only two important jobs : covering your butt and keeping your equipment nice and safe. 

No doubt a good pair of underwear should do these things………but a really GREAT PAIR OF UNDERWEAR can do all that and more.

Think underwear with pockets – next level of comfort and utility. 

Perhaps this is something you haven’t experienced before?

Think about it. Having a useful, hidden pocket is a huge benefit in all kinds of situations. 

Read on. You won’t believe how you’ve survived without pockets in your underwear.

Here are the best EIGHT REASONS why you need to get yourself some underwear with pockets.

1. Pocket Underwear Won’t Cure Your Paranoia

If you’re like me and lean towards the paranoid spectrum, these are game changers. 

Literally the best men’s underwear idea since the loin cloth.

I know I locked the door as I left, but still turn back to check!

Wearing underwear with pockets is perfect for keeping your paranoid panic attacks at bay.

It’s simple, keep items on you safely……..no chance of misplacing your keys if they are in your underwear.

You might forget about them, but you won’t lose them.

When you value your goods and are concerned about safety, pocket underwear can be very helpful.

They won’t cure you, but at least and you won’t have to worry about losing your items, and your mind.


2. Pocket Underwear is Going Places

It’s unfortunate but real-world stats show that an ever-increasing number of traveller’s are victims of crime. Pickpocketing, muggings, and RFID theft are all on the rise.

Keeping travel documents and other important items in your backpack is just not safe enough. 

Having said this, it should never deter you from embarking on the trip of a lifetime.

Instead become travel-savvy and understand what to do to avoid these awful situations. 

Stay a step ahead. 

A great idea is to use underwear with discreet, hidden pockets. 

This way you know your stuff is safe. 

Really safe. 

Safer than in nana’s bra!

Storing your valuables in a safe place such as your underwear makes them a lot harder to steal.

When skilled thieves target traveller’s – jean pockets and backpacks are what they aim for first. 

Beat the odds of this happening to you.

Some of the best men’s travel underwear have pockets to store important items, like your ID, passport,

and travel tickets, so they stay on you at all times. 

They may even save you the frustration and embarrassment of losing your valuables on holiday.

Sure, no trip is ever the same, but investing in travel underwear will be your smartest move. 

Unless you’re an avid streaker, travel underwear with pockets are invaluable to the traveller  – keeping you most important items safe.

When you need them, you’ll be so glad you bought them.

Bon Voyage!








3. When the Moment Arises

For some blokes, their wallet is their condom dispenser, which is more likely to dispense a condom

at the McDonalds checkout, for everyone to see.

It goes without saying that wallets don’t make very good condom dispensers. And where is the wallet when you actually need it?

If you’re wearing pocket underwear and use the handy pocket as it was originally intended, the condoms are out-of-sight

in your undie pocket until that moment, ahem, arises!

You won’t be able to wipe that grin off your face.

Best of all, you no longer have to keep your condoms in your wallet.











4. The Indulgent Advantage

Let’s face it, underwear is just underwear, but, when you add a little something special to it, like, say a hidden pocket, your jocks suddenly become endlessly useful, and only limited by your imagination.

So besides housing your family jewels, wearing underwear with pockets offers so many storage options, which can have seriously indulgent advantages.

If you’re crazy ’bout cannabis, the nifty hidden pocket is a handy place for your stash……..on hand when you feel the need to weed. 









5. Keep Control in your Pocket Underwear

It’s the long weekend and mooching around the house in your underwear is mandatory.
Home is your happy place, and life is warm and fuzzy.
You don’t want to risk misplacing the remote control……risk disturbing your mojo.
That would be fairly chaotic. 

You’d have to roll over to check if you’re lying on it……or worse still put your hand down the side of the couch – eeww!

In life, some things are easier to control than others.

Prioritise the important stuff.

Solve the problem by keeping control of the remote control. 

Simply stash the remote control in your jock-pocket. 

Now you have one less complication to worry about.

The real perk is that when nature calls, or you need to get another coldie from the fridge – the channels don’t change while you’re gone.

Finally, a brilliant solution for keeping the peace. Now there are no issues about who has (the?) control.










6. Bring your Medication Along for the Ride

Nothing takes you out of the game quicker than the alarm going off for your insulin shot.

Pocket underwear makes things a little easier.

Diabetics can keep their equipment at the ready, in their pocket underwear, while staying completely comfortable.

It’s satisfying to know that your underwear adds a whole new level of convenience. 

Underwear with a pocket is a game-changer that makes living with diabetes a little more manageable.








7. Your Big Night Out

You know that when you are out with the boys, it’s a GO-BIG-OR-GO-HOME kinda evening.

The best of times.

If you’re a balls-to-the-wall person, events may or may not be remembered up to a certain point.

Be sure to slip your cash, credit card and driver’s license into the pocket in your jocks.

Smart move.

They should be there in the morning…….. unless you go skinny dipping!










8. Perfect For the Quitting Type

Let’s get serious for just one moment. If you’re a quitter. Congratulations!

It’s not easy to quit smoking, but the health benefits are waiting on the other side.

You just need to hang in there and cling to whatever gets you through.

Some blokes use the pocket in their underwear to keep lollies, especially mints.

Whenever they feel like smoking, they reach for a mint instead.

The pocket really works, as the mints are on-hand no matter what outer clothing is worn.

If you thought undies simply covered your Frank ‘n beans…..consider yourself enlightened.







If you thought undies simply covered your frank ‘n beans…..

consider yourself enlightened.

Pocket underwear is perfect for gym,

happy hour, first (and last) dates,

long days at the office, camping trips,

road trips, train travel, time travel,

or wherever the feeling takes you!









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